Program 6th Chaniartoon 2022



• Creating an experience through comics
The creation and production of a narrative work today has become multimodal and multi-media, that is, it combines expression through various media. The goal of storytelling is to provide readers with an experience, and especially an active experience, by combining various artistic media. Billy Prim (jazz musician) and Thanos Kyratzis (comic book creator) combine their artistic fields to produce not just a narrative, but a deeper experience for its readers/listeners. In their talk they will cover how combining two or more mediums for young artists offers a better experience for their audience.

• Worldbuilding in RPG
The Tales of the Wyrd team takes us on a tour of the world of RPGs. How does one set up the right world for their RPG, and how does one introduce the players to it? How do we choose the right setting for the story we have in mind, and how do we convince the players that they are really there? The speech provides a number of tools to bring one’s experience in the fictional worlds of role-playing games to life in all aspects.

• Illustrating Thanasis Papakonstantinou
The illustrator Alexia Othonaiou, presents the illustration of the songs of Thanasis Papakonstantinou «The Defenseless» and accepts the audience’s questions about the creative process.

• Music in children’s books
How does the fairy tales combine with the music? Can they coexist in a story? The musician and storyteller Dimitris Baslam guides us through the world of his musical tales.

• Sound and Image: Different But The Same
The production of sound and the production of picture have more similarities than differences. Light and sound are signals that our sense organs and brain receive and process in similar ways. By extension, the forms, the color, the placement, the organization, and the mixing of the elements are common in both sound and visual arts. In this talk, sound designer and founder of SoundFellas Immersive Audio Labs, Pan Athen, introduces us to sound production through the perspective of the similarities sound and picture production have and at the same time gives us the elements that connect the two areas in the production of audiovisual works aiming at the consistency of the end result.

• The art of dubbing
Behind the animation voices are talented actors. Two of them, Spyros Bibilas and Dimitris Sarlos, talk to us about the art of translation through their personal experience.

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Event Date 15-09-2022 19:00
Event End Date 15-09-2022 22:00
Location Theatre "Mikis Theodorakis"
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